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Know the Difference of Classic Eyelash Extensions Vs Russian Eyelash Extensions

you must be wondering how Russian Eyelash Extension differ from Classic Eyelash Extension.

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Know the Benefits of Manicure Pedicure

While manicure pedicure is considered a great way to pamper one’s self but there are benefits that go beyond pampering only

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How to prevent Hair fall

It is monsoon season and yet it feels like fall when it comes to our hair

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What Is Olaplex and how Olaplex Hair Treatment works

The Olaplex hair treatment is a hair treatment that is meant to repair the hair’s bond and to stop damage

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What is Nail Polish

Nail polish is certainly one of the most beautiful creations that the makeup Gods have bestowed upon the beautiful ladies

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What are Bath Salts and how is addiction treated?

Bath Salts have actually been around since the 1920s, but as far as drug addiction goes they haven’t really received much focus until recent years. It’s a cheap and easily accessible stimulant in the same genre as cocaine and amphetamines. Law enforcement has begun to react to sales, but the drug is still produced and abuse still on the rise.

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Discover the Best Diet That Suits You

You may have seen success stories of people who went on a diet and lost weight or achieved their goal. Perhaps you have tried some of these diets but failed. Where did you go wrong?



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