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How to prevent Hair fall

It is monsoon season and yet it feels like fall when it comes to our hair. All this sweat and humidity aren’t much help either. Hair ties full of hair giving stress resulting in more hair fall is an endless cycle everyone wants to escape. Empty patches on the scalp are a woman’s worst fear. It is a problem the majority of us face on a daily basis. Wet hair is prone to breaking quite easily hence it requires extra care during the monsoon season. So if you are planning on getting a hair appointment of any kind, try waiting this season out.

I have compiled a hair care routine specifically for this season so keep on reading to find out some nourishing tips for your hair.

Avoid excess shampooing/washing

Wet hair tends to break easily and in this humid weather, you would want to shower thrice a day which is essentially bad for your hair. Washing it is followed by combing, which is another way to lose hair. It is important that you use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles.

Use mild hair products

Since the health level of your hair is already on a low, you might want to hold onto styling your hair for a bit. Excessive heat can further damage your hair and chances are, you will lose hair more than usual. Rainy season makes your hair dry and brittle so use products that are not harsh to your hair. Herbal shampoos are a go-to product for me during this ugly weather.

Conditioning is key

I can’t stress this step enough. Conditioning should be a part of your hair care routine as often as possible. It smoothens out the tip of your hair and makes them less entangled so you can easily hand comb rather than using hair brushes which can result in breakage of hair. Moreover, it gives body to your hair without the need for blow-drying.

Air drying

Put that hairdryer out of sight and out of mind. Instead of towel drying use a t-shirt to soak up the water. Let your hair dry naturally. Moreover, try to fit in as many hot oil massages before showering as possible. Almond oil is a good choice when it comes to strengthening your hair. Let the oil sit in for at least 10-15 min before rinsing.

Nutritious diet

A meal that consists of all food groups should be your goal for all three lunch breaks. A balanced diet can provide all the necessary nutrients required for the buildup of new cells. Keeping yourself hydrated is also extremely important. Adding whole grains, beans and milk can do wonders to your hair, making it stronger and luscious.

Exfoliate the scalp

Go the extra mile by putting on hair masks, especially the homemade organic ones. Yogurt on your scalp can prove to be extremely beneficial for the roots. It helps reactivate the hair follicles, giving way to the growth of new hair. Exfoliation of the scalp is also very important as it helps remove dead skin cells and allows all the nutrients from the masks to get absorbed into the scalp.

Try making these tips a habit and I’m sure you will be able to rescue your hair from this sticky weather.

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