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Know the Difference of Classic Eyelash Extensions Vs Russian Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions Vs Russian Eyelash Extensions

With the raising beauty awareness the desire for having healthy lashes also rises. Previously with limited options, most people used to go for Classic Lash extension but with further development new procedure has been adopted which gives extremely good result. There are 2 kinds of Lashes Extension i.e. Classic Eyelash Extension also known as Traditional Eyelash Extension and Volume Eyelash Extension commonly known as Russian Eyelash Extension or Russian Volume lashes.

Now you must be wondering how Russian Eyelash Extension differs from Classic Eyelash Extension…

Both the Techniques have had their own benefits but with the advance technique and splendid result Russian eyelash extension has grabbed the beauty and lash industry of Dubai and the Middle East within a small span of time.  Below differentiation would make it easy for you to understand these different techniques.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelashes Extension is now also known as “traditional eyelashes extensions”. In classic eyelash extension, the lash extension is applied to the individual natural lash. Suppose if you have 70 to 150 natural eyelashes then 70 to 150 lash extension will be applied to natural eyelash making it 1 lash extension for each of natural lash. Typically the lash extension varies from 40 to 150 for each eye, depending on the look you desire. In the Classic technique, strong natural eyelashes with the gap in the lash line are recommended as it slightly weakens the natural eyelashes. Moreover, the result of Classic Eyelash can even be temporarily obtained by applying mascara properly to your healthy natural eyelash.

Russian Eyelash Extensions

Russian eyelash extensions are also known as volume eyelash extensions, Russian techniques allow us to have multiple eyelash extensions over single natural lash which is semi-permanent. It is an advanced technique that takes a lot of time to be perfectly applied as it deals with 2 to 6 ultra-fine extension lashes. If executed perfectly, it gives your eyes a heavenly look but if Russian eyelash extension is applied by the untrained person it can damage your natural eyelashes as well. Typically the full set of Russian eyelash extension can vary from 150 to 300 above extension for each eye, depending on the how heavy and natural look you desire. Volume technique can be done in different ways and have different names as well such as “Capping” which means thinner and shorter lash are either applied high or low to the natural eyelash and “ Multi-lashing” which means comparatively thin diameter lash of the same length as of natural lash is placed over natural ash one by one. The volume eyelash extensions commonly have different terminology for eyelash volume & design such as 2D to 6D which means

2D = 2 Lash Extensions for 1 Natural Lash, 3D = 3 Lash Extensions for 1 Natural Lash and 6D = 6 Lash Extensions for 1 Natural Lash.

This technique differs from traditional technique due to the efforts and expertise required for amazing results which are required executer to have specific certification, the practice of month and good quality lash & adhesives.

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