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What is Nail Polish

What is Nail Polish

Nail polish is certainly one of the most beautiful creations that the makeup Gods have bestowed upon the beautiful ladies. Painting your nails in varied colors and further making your nails look shimmery, beautiful and attractive is welcomed by almost all the girls, regardless of their age, occupation, complexion and any other dimension.

Origin of nail polish:

This beautiful piece of makeup entertains a long and ancient history. The history of nail polish dates back to 3000 BC when it was originated in China as early as 3000 BC. Interestingly, the ingredients used in the preparation of the first-ever nail polish were egg whites, beeswax, gelatin as well as vegetable dyes. Not only was this, in the ancient Egypt, this beautiful nail polish used to signify the class rankings where the lower class would wear all the nude and light colors and the high society would wear different hues of reds and pinks which were the most ‘iconic’ nail colors back then, and in fact in the present times as well.

Different hues, different patterns:

The best thing about wearing nail paint is that there exists no restriction as to the choice of color, pattern, whatsoever! Thus, you can experiment with this fascinating beauty product in the manner you want and can further make your nails look the most attractive thing. Nail polishes differ in different shades, patterns, hues and what not!

  1. Matte:

Matte nail polish doesn’t entertain shine or shimmer. They may take a little longer time to apply and are difficult to handle, but hey, they are worth all the hype and patience.


The sheer nail paints have a transparent finish and they usually come in the hues of pinks and nudes.


If you are looking forward to something that would make your nails look like a shimmery pearl, opt for this variety of nail polish. They are a little sheen and shine like a gorgeous pearl.


Metallic nail paints have become the flavor of the season. They come with a beautiful metallic finish in them. The most popular shades of metallic nail paints include copper, gold as well as silver.


The glitter nail paints have chunks of glitter in them. The size of the glitter may vary from one brand to another. The best thing about this kind of nail polish is its smoothness on the nails.

Thus, you aren’t required to restrict yourself to a particular shade or a particular pattern anymore. Today, some of the most renowned beauty and makeup brands of the world are launching the most beautiful nail paints in different hues and styles. There are blacks, pinks, reds, blues, nudes and every shade of color that you have been searching for.

Wearing a nail polish always tends to make your nails look beautiful. The beautiful shine, the gorgeous colors and the amazing finish of the nail polish is the best thing that you would ever want to do to your nails. Further, the latest trend of nail art has added the cherry on to this cake.

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