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Eyelash Extensions Offers

Experience the high quality eyelash extensions for new & existing clients. Why not come and give more natural look & treat yourself to one of our beauty. We do classic, volume, Russian, cluster, hybrid, mink, and silk eyelash extensions. Check out our Dubai offers cost on eyelash extensions, eyelash lift perming, eyelash tint & Russian volume lashes. View Deals & discounts. We always pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services.

For price, offers, deals, packages, queries contact us or book your consultation direct at Mirrors Beauty Lounge.

159 AED
Q. Do eyelash extensions hurt.?

A. They should not hurt when applied correctly. It is essential to go to a trusted Lash specialist who is certified and trained which will ensure that they are applying the correct weight and length of lashes to your natural lashes. All of our experts are very highly trained in the art of eyelash extensions!

Q. Do they look fake.?

A. No. They look natural. We all havedifferent lengths and thicknesses. We can customize whatever look you desire.

Q. How long do eyelash extensions last.?

A. Our eyelash extensions last 8-12 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own lashes and regular maintenance. It also depends on how well they are taken care of by the individual. Like all hair on the human body, oureyelashes grow in stages and we lose anywhere from 1-4 eyelashes a day.

Q. Do eyelash extensions cause damage to my natural lashes.?

A. Eyelash expansions don't harm your natural lashes if they are applied accurately and done by a technician. On the off chance that your lash beautician is utilizing inappropriate methods, harm can happen.

Q. Can I wear mascara with my eyelash extensions.?

A. Eyelash extensions are intended to supplant mascara, so it is our expectation that you won't want to put mascara on them!

Q. Can I wear makeup with my eyelash extensions.?

A. Yes, of course! Always keep in mind that oil free products should become your go-to once you get eyelash extensions. We have an oil free makeup remover that we highly suggest to all of our eyelash extension customers.

Q. Do lash extensions feel heavy when they’re on.?

A. The perfect lash extensions should be weight-less. You might be able to see them, but they should be very light.

Q. Can I wear contacts with false eyelash extensions.?

A. Yes, it’s fine to wear your contacts after your extensions are done.

Q. Can I wash my face and wear make-up as normal.?

A. Yes, but make sure you’re using oil-free products as oil is the one thing that separates the bond of the glue. Be gentle with your lashes, don’t scrub them. Instead wash them gently, then rub them clean with your fingertips, rinse them, dab them dryand then give them a brush.

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