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Buy Eyelash Extension Get Free Upper Lip Threading And Eyebrow Threading
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Eyelash Extension Russian Volume
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Mirrors are offering 50% off for new & existing clients Why not come and treat yourself to one of our many beauty, Hair Services available at our Salon. We offer everything from Hair Services to Facial/Eyelash/Threading/Wax/Nails, and always pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Services.

Best Eyelash Extensions In Dubai

At Mirrors Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions, we do ONE thing, and we do it freakishly We also do eyelash extension removal well: Gorgeous, professional, high-quality eyelash extensions services, at affordable prices  So if you're in Dubai searching for "eyelash extensions near me," hoping to find a trusted local lash spa, look no further!  We're your top Dubai 3D lash extensions techs, and we're passionate about helping women look and feel their most Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions beautiful selves.  Our talented stylists create the best eyelash extensions Oahu has ever seen.

Why Choose Mirrors Eyelash Extensions

We know there are plenty of lash extensions salons in Dubai, and you want the best value for the best price. Here's why our regular clients are glad they chose us:

QUALITY.  With any service, you want the best - but when you' re having something done to your EYES, that takes it to a whole new level. Your eyes are the first thing people see when they look at you, not to mention how vitally important it is to keep our eyes clean and safe.  

Our wonderful clients deserve only the best, and that's why we create the eyelash extensions.

EXPERIENCE.  Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for us to have scraggly-eyed clients come to see us after having someone less experienced tamper with their lashes.

Luckily we can save your poor lashes if that happens, but it's still a bummer. Save yourself the time and money, and go to the beautician with the experience to get it done right the first time.

SAFE. Safety is our top priority. We use only surgical-grade glue, new and sterilized tools, and the top quality false lashes.  

AFFORDABLE.  Many lash salons in Dubai price their services so high that they only seem worthy of a special occasion. We'd rather make our lash services more affordable so that the everyday hip-to fashion gal can have fabulous lashes season in and out.  

SERVICE. When you're with us, it's all about YOU. We want your experience with us to be fun, relaxing and restorative. Your lash tech respects your session as your " me time," and will never play annoying music, work carelessly on autopilot, or talk amongst other staff members during your appointment. 


  • AED 159 Buy Eyelash Extension Get Free Upper Lip Threading And Eyebrow Threading ( 16% off )
  • AED 249 Eyelash Extension Russian Volume ( 17% off )
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun - 10 AM to 10 PM
  • You can book the services via call to +971 56 5373 911 / +971 50 210 8344
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