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Keratin treatment offers Dubai

A keratin treatment is a process that helps to make your hair smooth’s, shiny & results can last up to six- seven months. The secret behind smooth, shiny hair sits at the end of a keratin treatment. This process is more popular now a days, but can it available at affordable cost? Yes, offcoaurse we are here…Check out our Dubai offers for keratin treatment.

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399 AED
Q. What is a keratin hair treatment.?

A. Keratin is a protein in our body that naturally occurs that makes up a large amount of skin, hair, & nails. In spite of the fact that the keratin cells die with the time, it’s essential that they are cared for. The keratin protein makes up about 95% of our hair, so taking care of keratin is extremely important. For hair, healthy keratin production is essential for beautiful, shiny hair.

Q. Does keratin treatment reduces the natural volume of the hair.?

A. No, your hair will retain most of its natural volume after the keratin treatment. Using a round brush and curling iron will always be an option to create more body and volume.

Q. Will my hair be straight after the keratin hair treatment.?

A.If your hair is straight, it will eliminate the frizzy hair and give you healthier and shiny look. If the hair is curly, it will eliminate the frizzy hair and define the natural curl. It always depends on the texture of your hair.

Q. How do I know if I can undergo keratin hair treatment.?

A.Keratin treatment is an option for everyone and it suits every hair type. It will be equally effective on all hair types including thick, thin, dry, chemically damaged, straight, wavy and curly. For pregnant customers we advise that they should get doctor’s approval since prevention is always better.

Q. How long will the keratin hair treatment last?.?

A.The results will depend on the types of hair and how often they are washed. Normal results last for up to 12 weeks but the wave can return sooner.

Q. How do I maintain my hair after keratin treatment.?

A.The most important thing you can do is use the appropriate aftercare product line that your salon or stylist offers. You need to wash your hair around 3 times per week if possible and follow the advice of your beautician for other hair treatments that you can do or not or how long will the waiting period is.

Q. Will swimming be compromised by my keratin hair treatment.?

A.Swimming is fine but to protect the hair from chlorine and salt in the water, you should discuss with your stylist & use some product to apply before swimming to protect the hair. Otherwise, the life of your treatment may be compromised if you swim regularly without any hair protection.

Q. Is the keratin hair treatment permanent.?

A.No, it is not permanent. But creates a protein layer overlay on the cuticle which protects the hair for an extended time, so the condition is improved.

Q: What should be the maximum hair length for this offer?.?

A. This offer applicable for up-to 13 inch Hair

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