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Keratin Hair Treatment Offers Dubai Mirrors Beauty Lounge is offering 50% off for new & existing clients why not come and treat yourself to our many beauty & hair services available at our salon. We offer everything from hair services to Facial/Eyelash/Threading/Wax/Nails, and always pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services." Terms And Conditions Apply"

Best Keratin treatment Dubai

If you’ re exhausted from dealing with frizzy and unmanageable hair, it may be time to take care of yourself to a keratin hair treatment. This hair straightening treatment has been more or less for many years, but the latest advancement has made them trendier than ever before in our Brazilian keratin salon number #1 hair salon in Dubai

What You Can be expecting From a Keratin:

  • It provides up to four months (120 days!) of smooth, silky, frizz-free hair.
  • It helps repair the damage with the great benefits keratin for hair.
  • Dramatically cuts everyday styling time at keratin treatment in Dubai.
  • Delivers glowing, well-looking shine.
  • Promotes exciting, long-term hair color results.

What is Keratin?

Expressly, a hair keratin Dubai is a method performed by your stylist in the comfort of our hair treatment salon Located in Dubai. During your keratin smoothing treatment, a stylist applies a Product GK keratin OrQOD keratin to your hair from the ends to the roots. Then, a flat iron is used to seal the keratin into the shaft of the hair, resulting in silkier, smoother, and anti-frizz hair treatment more manageable hair with results lasting up to several months! The entire process of getting a usually takes about three hours, though this can vary depending on the length, thickness, and other qualities of your natural hair.

Smoothing Offers Dubai

Once your keratin Smoothing treatment is completed, your hairstylist will likely advise you to avoid washing your hair 72 hours. This is an important part of allowing the keratin proteins to become fully absorbed and sealed into your hair, so make sure you follow your stylist’s recommendations closely. Following your keratin hair treatment, you’ ll also want to make the switch to the recommended shampoo and conditioner (Keratin Care Shampoo and Conditioner by keratin complex), as this will help to prolong the results of your treatment for as long as possible.

WARNING: Do not use a shampoo with sulfates or sodium chloride contained in the ingredients. Sulfates and sodium chloride will strip the keratin out of the hair.

How Does it Work?

Keratin is a protein that’s naturally found in your hair; it’s what helps your hair grow long, strong, and smooth. When a keratin hair treatment is performed, keratin proteins are sealed into your hair through the use of heat, resulting in smoother and easier-to-style hair. Overtime after your treatment, the keratin levels in your hair will naturally fade-but it’s not uncommon for the smoothing results to last for months before another treatment is required.

Benefits Of Healthy Keratin Treatment

There are many benefits of having a keratin hair treatment done, starting with the simple fact that it makes your hair smoother and silkier. This makes Brazilian keratin treatments a great option for those who struggle with dried out, frizzy, and rebellious hair. You’ll find that it’s much easier and less time-consuming to style your hair following a keratin treatment, Brazilian hair keratin treatment. Many people report that this treatment can reduce the amount of time it takes to Brazilian blowout hair by about half. Imagine the amount of time you could save in your morning routine! our hair salon located in Dubai provides the best results.

After you have a keratin hair treatment, you also no longer have to worry about humidity or even rain affecting your hairstyle. The keratin proteins sealed into your hair will keep each strand smooth and frizz-free hair regardless of humidity levels so you could save money on frizz control serums and similar products.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, a keratin treatment for curly hair will also allow your hair to be blow-dried straight and smooth, making this a wonderful option for those who want to change up their style. No longer will you have to struggle with hair straightening products and damaging flat irons to achieve the straight, smoothening hair you desire! The Natural keratin hair smoothing treatment can help eliminate up to 95% of your natural curl.

Who Should Consider For Smoothing?

People of a wide variety of hair types can be great candidates for keratin treatment. Some of the best candidates for keratin treatment are those with naturally curly, wavy, and frizzy hair. Furthermore, those looking to save time on their morning getting-ready routine can benefit from the faster blow-drying times and the potential ability to avoid further heat styling altogether. Unfortunately, those with finer and naturally straight hair will probably want to avoid this treatment altogether, as the added keratin is not likely to do much in terms of results.

What Is The Best Keratin Treatment?

There are many products in the market today. Through extensive research and after testing a majority of the products available on the market, we have found QOD And  GK keratin is also called  GK hair treatment to be the highest quality. QOD keratin  Dubai lasts the longest and offers more consistency for product life.

There are many types available:
  • Natural keratin smoothing treatment: This signature smoothing treatment delivers the longest-lasting results (up to 4 months). Signature keratin treatment cost starts at AED 800 
  • Brazilian blowout Dubai offers:  This smoothing treatment can last up to six weeks and the cost of service starts AED 400 For hair keratin offers
  • It is also called keratin complex treatment
  • Some of the salon replacing the name with a Brazilian smoothing treatment


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Hair Service Prices subject to change base on length thickness and customize service.

  • AED 399 Buy Keratin Hair Treatment Get Free Full Hair Color & Hair Spa Upto 13 Inch ( 56% off )
  • AED 499 Buy Keratin Hair Treatment Get Free Full Hair Color & Hair Spa Upto 16 Inch ( 52% off )
  • AED 599 Buy Keratin Hair Treatment Get Free Full Hair Color & Hair Spa Upto 19 Inch ( 52% off )
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