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We provide manicure and pedicure services in Dubai. Simply give your hands &feet into our trusted technicians they will take the best care ever. Sit back & relax. Our manicure and pedicure does not only make you look great, it also makes you feel good & you would feel confident. Have the best manicure service in Dubai in your comfort zone. Book an appointment today for amazing manicure pedicure service and give your hands & feet the treat they deserve. There are various types of manicure and pedicure we provide such as classic, French and gelish etc.Read More


Our manicure Pedicure includes filing nails, cuticle soak, trim hand-arm massage, and nail polish application in a color of your choice.


We also deal with children’s manicure and pedicure. Our highly experienced team is well equipped to correct all kinds of ‘problematic nails’ and we offer a full range of systems to ensure we have something that suits you perfectly.


For price, offers, deals, packages, queries contact us or book your consultation direct at Mirrors Beauty Lounge.


For bookings contact at Al Muraqabat Call +971 42691449/WhatsApp +971 565373911 or contact at Al Rigga Call +971 42340849/WhatsApp +971 502108344 or contact at IBN Battuta Mall branch Call +971 45766288/WhatsApp +971 543210758 or drop us an email at Info. Our customer care will give you a call within moments to book your service at your desired time. Read Less


Classic manicure includes your nails are shaped, smooth along with removing your dry skin and cuticles cut and treated. Then the base coat is applied on your nails by the choice of your nail polish set to dry. If you want to apply the 2nd layer it’s your choice. But you will have to wait for the polish to dry completely typically, classic manicure should last for about 5 days and it is easy to remove...Read More


French Manicures include a slick of pale pink or nude polish that is applied to the entire nail, followed by white varnish to the tips of the nails. French manicures are classic and instantly give your hands a polished look. If you want to go the non-traditional way, you can apply the tips neon, gold, or any color under the sun! If you’re confused about which color combination to go with, your nail technician should advise you on which shades will work with your skin tone...Read More


Gelish manicure also has the same cleaning services as above but the difference is the application of the nail polish is Gel. A gel base coat is first being applied, then your nails are placed under the UV lamp to set followed by the first layer of gel polish color. This process can be done one or two times depending on the effect of the nails. Lastly, a gel topcoat is applied and your nails are placed again under the UV lamp to set...Read More


Kids Manicure- We do small hand soak and soften with a neat finish. Fingernails are beautifully filed, shaped, and helping them to grow longer and stronger with the help of coat. nails are then perfectly polished with colour and touch up with sparkle...Read More


Paraffin treatment is a wax bath and it has wonderful benefits for your skin. Paraffin wax has a long history that it's beneficial for all kinds of ailments. Your hands or feet will be dipped several times into heated paraffin wax. Then the wax will be covered in a plastic bag, wrapped in hot towels...Read More


Getting rid of the dry skin on your feet? Don’t fret, try out a callus peel with Mirrors. A callus is rough, hard skin commonly found on the heels of the feet. A callus treatment removes the hard skin from the feet in a painless way. callus removal is applied to the treatment spots and scraped with a disposable file...Read More


Foot spa is an effective technique to relax your feet. The procedure involves soaking the feet into warm water for some time added with salt and essential oils, then scrubbing, massaging, detoxifying, cleaning your feet properly and then we apply foot lotion and finally applying nail paint to the toenails...Read More

Q. Why do I need a manicure-pedicure.?

A. A manicure is a treatment for the hands. It is applied directly to the nails, the entire hand actually gets the benefit. The primary purpose of a manicure is clean and healthy hands. Pedicure has a clinical advantage. Keeping your feet healthy is always good. Pedicure relaxes your foot and expels the dirt from nails, giving you flawless and hygienic toes. Regular pedicure prevents excessive drying of your skin on the feet. Besides, the foot massages that come with the pedicure improve the blood flow in your feet.

Q. Is it safe to have a manicure and pedicure if I have diabetes.?

A. If you have diabetes, talk to your doctor before getting a manicure & pedicure. Because wounds take much longer to heal for diabetes people. Manicure & pedicure involves procedures that can cause tiny wounds.

Q. How often should I get a Manicure & pedicure.?

A. It is advised to get a Mani & Pedi every two weeks. Depending on your lifestyle and the type of service you’ve had. Your toes can be easily dirty making it an abode of bacteria and fungus. If you find it difficult to do it every fortnight, you can also opt for a professional pedicure every month.

Q. What is a Gel Manicure.?

A. With a Gel Manicure, we use a flexible gel lacquer that is cured in a UV lamp. Gel polish is applied directly to the natural nail. Gel lacquer is applied similarly to nail polish but each layer is cured under the UV light. No length can be added however a uniform false length can be painted on with a French manicure. Gel polish comes in many colors. It is can be removed by wrapping in foil 2-3 weeks later.

Q. Which products or brands are used for Manicure Pedicure.?

A.Vinylux Product From CND & Orly Products from Orly Brand & Lechat Products From Lechat Brand

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