Gelish Manicure Pedicure


Gelish manicure also has the same cleaning services as above but the difference is the application of the nail polish is Gel. A gel base coat is first being applied, then your nails are placed under the UV lamp to set followed by the first layer of gel polish color. This process can be done one or two times depending on the effect of the nails. Lastly, a gel top coat is applied and your nails are placed again under the UV lamp to set. Typically, gelish manicures will last around 2 weeks or more. The removal process is more tedious as the gel needs to be remove properly in order not to damage your nails.


A gelish pedicure is basically the same thing as a classic or spa pedicure, except the nail technician uses gel polish instead of regular nail polish, for the toe nail painting however it does come with not-so-fun side effects like dry nails after acetone removal of the gel polish.


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Q. What is gelish manicure and pedicure.?

A. Gelish manicure And pedicure is a 'gel polish' and is a combination of both a polish and a gel. It's a pure, thin UV gel that is pigmented in various degrees to give color.

Q. What is a Gel Manicure.?

A. With a Gel Manicure, we use a flexible gel lacquer that is cured in a UV lamp. Gel polish is applied directly to the natural nail. Gel lacquer is applied similarly to nail polish but each layer is cured under the UV light. No length can be added however a uniform false length can be painted on with a French manicure. Gel polish comes in many colors. It is can be removed by wrapping in foil 2-3 weeks later.

Q. Which products or brands are used for Gelish Manicure Pedicure.?

A.Entity Products From Entity Brand & Lechat Products Lechat Brand & OPI Products From OPI Brand.

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