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Do you have blackheads and severe acne? You will discover facials do make your skin look better and decrease the number of breakouts you get. Getting regular acne treatment facials, using the right products for acne-prone skin & with a good skincare routine, you can keep acne under control. Our acne facial treatment is recommended for clients prone to oily skin or acne. The treatment consists of natural antibacterial ingredients too, remove impurities, kill bacteria and stimulate healing and circulation of the skin.


Our best acne treatments are not just for teenagers. Many women in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond are dealing with pimples and irritated skin. At the spa, treatments for acne usually employ deep-pore and deep-tissue cleansing to get rid of excess oils from the skin and stimulate circulation.


Antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil and lavender are regularly used in an Acne Facial to prevent further breakouts and soothe your skin.


Anti-Acne Facials treatments generally a combination of steaming, deep cleansing, and facial extractions to remove pore-blocking sebum, a healing mask, and gentle moisturizer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out exactly what is being done to your skin. Let your beautician know if you are on any acne medications as some products do not suitable for your face. For those who suffer from more extreme acne, a spa facial may not be the best treatment. In this case, the beautician should advise you to make an appointment with a dermatologist.


What to Expect?

Most importantly, know that you won't clear your skin with just one treatment. As with any acne treatment medications and procedures, getting results from facials take time and typically require a series of acne facials.


Normally, facials are booked once per week to once every other week. Yet, you can't depend on facials alone to get your skin clear. To prop up the advantages, you should carry on with your skin break out treatment and skincare routine at home during your "off days."


The ability of the specialist performing your treatment also plays an important role in the improvement you see. If your goal is to improve blemishes, you'll get the best outcomes from an advisor who spends significant time in treating problem skin. Try not to be hesitant to get some information about their involvement in treating the acne skin.


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Q. What is anti-acne facial.?

A. The acne facial is an elective treatment intended to treat the root cause of acne with minimal side effects. Acne facials focus on extractions for blocked pores. The extraction process releases excess oil on the face and clears out dirt that might be clogging up your pores.

Q. Is getting a facial good for acne.?

A. Yes, but it's important to remember that a single facial won't achieve good results. Every facial has a particular reason, so a series of facials is the most ideal approach to battle skin inflammation (acne). Not exclusively will these facials assist you to clear of breakouts, yet they will enable your skin to get that extraordinary glow.

Q. What are the benefits of acne facials.?

A. The primary advantage of this sort of facial is the decrease of facial acne. The treatment should help decrease redness and irritation, and help the skin rebalance. With continuous treatment, future acne breakouts can be minimized.

Q. Are there side-effects from acne facials.?

A. There are minimal side effects of acne facial. Occasionally people do experience inflamed skin after some of the treatments, for a few hours. If you have particularly delicate skin, let the beautician know beforehand as they may change treatments they perform accordingly.

Q. How many visits will I need to see results.?

A.You should start to see results after your first acne facial. However, you may need multiple visits depending on the severity to achieve your desired results. Its additionally essential to take good care of your skin at home in between facial visits, and our specialist will recommend an effective follow-up routine.

Q. Which products or brands are used for Anti Acne Facial.?

A.Lime Product from Dr.Renaud Brand & Clarifying Product from Nimue Brand.

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