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Anti Age Care Facial with moulding mask. aging skin occurs when skin changes in appearance and texture over time, from natural or environmental aggressors. Anti-aging facials are a technique designed to slow the aging process light up the skin, and decrease wrinkles. If you’re on the quest for increasingly energetic appearance younger-looking skin, there are a variety of anti-aging facial treatments ranging from vitamin-infused serums, collagen creams, and rejuvenating facial massage techniques. Anti-aging solutions include laser skin services, light therapy facials, and microdermabrasion.


Anti-Aging skincare treatments can help you look and feel better while revealing a more vibrant appearance with little or no downtime. Advanced lasers & radio-frequency technologies are utilized for treatment like; redness reduction, scar treatment, pigmentation, age spots, pigmented lesions, wrinkles.

Why get an anti-aging facial?

If you want to fight the war against wrinkles, an anti-aging facial treatment at your favorite spa is a good strategy. Facials are designed to revive skin with all elements like exfoliation dead skin cells, improving circulation acting together to improve skin’s texture. An anti-aging facial is an effective preventative measure when it comes to treating aging.

Benefits of an Anti-aging Facial

If you’ve ever had an anti-aging facial, you’ll know that about halfway through your treatment, that you’re lulled into a deep sense of relaxation. At this point, your mind and body seem to drift off into another world all the while your skin reaps the countless benefits of receiving a specialized facial. It's a success win truly. Here's everything you have to think about these facials and the advantages of getting one.

1. It Moisturizes Dehydrated Skin

As you age, your skin gets dry and unpleasant; there are numerous explanations behind this including sun harm, diminished cell decrease, and lost hormones. Whatever the reason, dry skin causes wrinkles and fine lines which is why it is so important to receive appropriate moisturizing treatments. Anti-aging facials include the application of emollient-rich moisturizes which increase the moisture level of your skin and ultimately leave your skin feeling restored and refreshed.

2. It slows Down the Aging Process

Most anti-aging facials, like the ones offered at Face Emergency Skin Care, are intended to reestablish firmness, brightness, and youthfulness to the skin. Using collagen serums, peels and in some cases, glycolic acid treatments, your skin begins to reestablish and heal from sun harm and different types of hyperpigmentation.

3. It improves Circulation

Using exfoliation scrubs and pressure techniques oxygenated blood is circulated through the skin’s surface. This oxygen-rich blood is full of reviving nutrients which help in improving the effectiveness and health of your skin cells. And with rejuvenated skin cells comes fresh, more youthful-looking skin.

4. It improves Elasticity

Your skin is the most important organ in your body. It goes about as a defensive shield guaranteeing that your body is shielded from harsh environmental elements. Unfortunately, by fending off sun damage and other irritants, your skin gets tired over time and it begins to lose its elasticity. Fortunately, good quality anti-aging treatments restart the production of collagen and elastin. By stimulating these natural plumping agents, the nature of your skin begins to improve very quickly because of the decrease of fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin.


At our salon Dubai we treat each of our customers according to their unique skin type to ensure optimum anti-aging benefits. Using a range of products and unique techniques, our skilled skincare specialists will ensure that you leave feeling refreshed and, more importantly, that your skin feels and looks rejuvenated, energized and youthful.


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Q. What is an Anti-aging Facial.?

A. As the name proposes, an anti-aging facial is aimed at reducing the signs of aging by targeting mature, dry or damaged skin. Using specialized techniques as well as quality products and ingredients, these facials are intended to enable your skin to look brighter, tighter and healthier after the first treatment.

Q What are Anti-aging Treatments.?

A. You can look over a wide scope of anti-aging treatments. You will see reduced wrinkles or discoloration while continuing the anti-aging regime. Many consumers start thinking about tacking care of their skin at a youthful age. Our skincare professionals able to provide some anti-aging treatments are a wide variety of facials, microdermabrasion, chemical exfoliation, and phototherapy.

Q Who Can Benefit From Anti-aging Treatments.?

A. Anyone who is smart enough to use sunscreen is already participating in an anti-aging regimen, and there is so much more you can do. Treatment suggestions will differ as indicated by skin type and condition, age and skin maturity, level of sun damage and the objective you have for your skin.

Q What To Expect.?

A. The results of your treatment may be instant or may take some time to achieve. This relies totally upon your program and the techniques utilized. In case, the skin is in poor condition then it needs to be strengthened and conditioned before anti-aging treatments. Your professional beautician should be able to outline realistic goals for you. If you are suffering from acne set your antiaging goals aside until you’ve cleared those symptoms. You may gain younger-looking skin with the benefit of clearing and treating these conditions.

Q What About Home Care.?

A. Our beautician can provide the best guidance on caring for your skin after a treatment. We have products available for your use at our salon. It’s key to commit to a home care regimen in order to maximize your investment in the treatments your beautician provides.

Q. Which products or brands are used for Anti Aging Facial.?

A. Lris Product from Dr.Renaud Brand & Resuvenating Product from Nimue Brand.

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