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Hair Blow-dry is a hair styling technique since the 1890s involving the straightening of hair to give a smooth appearance. It became very popular during the 1950s among black females. It is accomplished using a hair hot comb or iron, chemical relaxers. Likewise, a few shampoos, conditioners, and hair gels can help to make hair straight.


The hair blow dry is a service designed to maintain straight, curly, volume healthy and styled hair for short, medium, long at our Mirrors salon Dubai. It includes two washes, one wash using a clarifying shampoo, and the other a blowout shampoo complete with thermal protection. Of course, we condition the hair after the washes to prep it for a wonderful blow-dry hair styling, once your hair is clean and conditioned. Our blow dry salon Dubai experts are experienced and well trained on brush control techniques. Looking at hair type, scalp condition, and your desired look, we customize the styling products that best suit you! Each assistance is tailored specifically to your hair and we ensure every customer leaves feeling and looking astonishing.


The Blow-dry Treatment Dubai is the most effective professional smoothing treatment in the WORLD! It improves the condition of the hair. It has been our experience that good candidates for the blow dry are anyone who has, damaged or processed hair.


All things considered, our treatment will last somewhere in the range of 4-6 days. With more textured hair the number of days can multiply, and with better hair, it might require somewhat more maintenance to last. Once you get into an everyday routine, you will find that your hair is excessively versatile. You can correct the issues you face with your hair and scalp by regularly being serviced! At our Mirrors beauty lounge dubai salon. we will provide you some best tips on making your style last between services.

For the price, offers, deals, packages, queries contact us or book your consultation directly at Mirrors Beauty Lounge.


For bookings contact at Al Muraqabat Call +971 42691449/WhatsApp +971 565373911 or contact at Al Rigga Call +971 42340849/WhatsApp +971 502108344 or contact at IBN Battuta Mall branch Call +971 45766288/WhatsApp +971 543210758 or drop us an email at Info. Our customer care will give you a call within moments to book your service at your desired time.

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Q What Is A Blow Dry Or Blowout.?

A. A blowout starts with a hair wash & head massage, followed by an experts blow-dry technique. High-powered hair dryers, round brushes, and other styling tools are used to complete. It is difficult to do without anyone else. Our blowouts will get your hair shiny, bouncy, and will last for quite a long time.

Q How Long Does A Blowout Take.?

A. 45 minutes to an hour.

Q Do You Charge More For Long Or Curly Hair.?

A. Its depend on the length of your hairs. Consult with salon experts.

Q. Can I get a blowout with extensions.?

A. Yes, of course! Extensions are designed to be one with your natural hair and therefore, they can be treated like your own. Our stylists are trained to give you a perfect blowout with or without extensions.

Q. Does a blowout damage my hair.?

A. Our stylists are trained your hair won’t get any damage from a blowout. We use proper techniques & professional styling products to protect your hairs.

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