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Best Hair Extensions in Dubai

Our hairstylists have been trained from leading brands such as SOCAP, Great Lengths and have worked at famous salons. Now you can get longer, thicker hair with just one convenient appointment. Our extensions are worn at weddings, bridal parties, and daily use. Super straight, curly or full hairstyles are offered. While there are numerous hair replacement systems available, the procedure takes a couple of hours. However, the outcomes are absolutely amazing.


We are one of the top hair extensions salons in Dubai providing top quality service and amazing looks. If you have thin hair or simply short hair and are looking to add more volume or length, then to extend your hair is the best decision.


If you are wondering where to get, long, lavish, best hair extensions in Dubai, for short hair, then we have awesome stylists that can provide you with natural-looking best real hair extensions at our salon or even travel to you. 


We offer the best human hair extensions with 3 different texture: straight, curly, and wavy. The different types of hair extensions we provide:


1. Natural virgin human hair

2. Russian virgin hair

3. Indian temple hair

4. Remy's hair

5. Synthetic hair 


Are you looking for a salon near you that do hair extensions? Our hair extension salon Dubai can meet all of your requirements from adding length to adding density. Mirrors beauty lounge has been a leader in the hair extension business for many years.


Mirrors beauty lounge hair extensions Dubai offers the latest extensions techniques and all types of hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Great for people who want the flexibility to take their extensions in and out, clip-in extensions are comprised of sections of hair of various widths and lengths that are fully customized for your head. Clip-in hair extensions don’t involve any chemicals, pressure, heat. they just clip onto your hair so zero harm to your natural hair. This is one of the reasons that clin-in most popular hair extension types. These can last for years when cared for properly.

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Ponytail extension is a clip and design uniquely to add length, volume, and style to your hair. Perfect for daily use. This extension is made from premium synthetic fiber, making it soft and natural like human hair.

Micro link/Micro Ring/Micro Bead/Loop hair extensions

Micro link hair extensions are also known as micro bead, micro ring, beaded weft extensions and loop hair extensions, as well. These hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair using microbeads to attach at the root: this method is strong, secure and adhesive free. The same wefts can be used up to 3 sessions enduring roughly 6 months. Installation is completed in 2.5 hours. Hair can be colored to match the client, creating a custom blend from root to end.

Sew-in/Weave hair extensions

These types of hair extensions are applied in quite a unique way, where the natural hair is braided into a corn row (subsequently the name ‘weave’) and the extensions are attached using a needle and a string of cotton. What's remarkable about weave hair extension is that they coerce with all hair types.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are semi-permanent extensions and their main appeal is that they are quick and easy to fit in. The extensions are pre-taped and then sandwiched on either side of your own hair. These types of hair extensions can last anywhere from six to twelve weeks. While they’re easy to maintain and are pretty easy to put in, Tape hair extensions are strong, safe and non-damaging.

Pre-bonded/fusion hair extensions

Lastly, there are the pre-bonded/fusion hair extensions is also called keratin bond, hot-fusion, or keratin fusion extensions. These are the most popular types of hair extensions. Pre-bonded hair extensions are really self-explanatory; they’re bonded to the natural hair using different adhesives such as glue. Applying pre-bonded hair extensions, at least four hours of sitting in a hair salon chair but the result is permanent for six months.

So, there’s everything you need to know about the different types of hair extensions available. Now that you are fully equipped with the knowledge on how each extension are applied. You can take your hair stylist’s suggestion while choosing a set of hair extensions that are suitable for your hair type and lifestyle.

Nano-ring extensions

The Nano ring hair extension is one of the newer trends in hair thickening and a method received by salon worldwide. it’s also called Nano-tip or Nano bond extensions; this type is considered a long-term system that’s permanently applied... Read More

Ice Extensions

Ice glue extensions are also known as invisible extensions, Spanish extensions, cold gel fusion extensions. The bonds are so tiny that they are not visible even when you tie a ponytail. At Mirrors, we choose the extensions according... Read More

Shrink Extensions

If you have fine or fragile hair and if you want to add more thickness, longer and more luxurious hair then you can benefit from the Shrinky system as they add features your natural hair and they look as natural as your own hair!... Read More


So, there’s everything you need to know about the different types of hair extensions available. Now that you are fully equipped with the knowledge on how each extension is applied. You can take your hair stylist’s suggestion while choosing a set of hair extensions that are suitable for your hair type and lifestyle.

Great lengths hair extensions

Great lengths, the unparalleled extension system that has changed the worldwide definition of hair design, will make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. With great lengths patented technology for the application of 100% human hair strands, the limitations presented by all other extensions systems are eliminated. Once applied, great lengths is your hair. Our certified great lengths technician will share with you, in detail, exactly what great lengths can achieve for you. Schedule your great length consultation today. The hair you’ve always wanted will be yours tomorrow!

For price, offers, deals, packages, queries contact us or book your consultation direct at Mirrors Beauty Lounge.

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Q. What is the life expectancy of my extensions.?

A. Without a doubt the most difficult question to answer. The life expectancy of your hair extensions totally depends on how well you take care of and maintain them. That's why we give you a rough estimate of 3 to 12 months.

Q. How long do hair extensions last.?

A.The hair extensions usually last for at least 6 to 12 months depending on how well you maintain and take care of them.

Q. How to wash your hair extensions.?

A. Wash your hair extensions carefully, always keeping your head straight. Gently massage the scalp and the attachment points of the root to the tips but never in reverse direction. Always use a mild moisturizing shampoo without sulfate or phosphate. Rinse your hair always keeping your head straight. Wash them at least once a week and every three days if you have oily hair.

Q. How to dry your hair extensions.?

A. Never brush, comb or unravel wet hair. Soak your wet hair extensions gently with a towel. Then dry finger head right into the dryer from top to bottom, and then proceed to styling with the brush when 80% dry.

Q. How to brush or comb your hair extensions.?

A. Do not pass the brush or comb through the attachment points. Do not pull too hard when you feel resistance during brushing because the pressure can get hair extensions or worse pull your root if hair extension resists. It is also important not to scratch too hard at the root to avoid breakage or damage to your hair extensions.

Q. How to style your hair extensions.?

A. You can straighten or curl, but never leave your extensions out to dry naturally in order to prevent them from knotting.

Q. What are the precautions for sleeping, with hair extensions.?

A. Brush your hair extensions right before you go to bed. We advise you to tie your hair up in a bun or braid as well.

Q. Can I play Sports and enjoy leisure time with hair extensions.?

A. You can participate in any sport or activity as long as you tie your hair extensions in a bun or braid in order to prevent the possible risk of tangling. For the following sports and activities, such as swimming or boating, take note that chlorine or sea water, although not forbidden, but can harm your extensions if they are not properly handled as it is extremely dehydrating. So if you swim in the sea or pool, apply a hair oil or serum and do not forget to wash your extensions that same night.

Q. Can I color my hair extensions.?

A. All hair extensions can be colored darker, but this process should definitely not be badly treated. Also, please avoid discoloring them! This procedure will be too dehydrating for your extensions.

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