Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano ring hair extensions

The Nano ring hair extension is one of the newer trends in hair thickening and a method received by salon worldwide. it’s also called Nano-tip or Nano bond extensions; this type is considered a long-term system that’s permanently applied. Just as it is for Micro-ring extensions. The Nano ring extensions are way smaller than the classic micro-ring ones. Because of the small size and their flexibility allowed them to be more comfortable. Nano-ring extensions are easy to remove.

It is advisable that Installation, removal should be performed by a trained hair extension technician. Nano tip hair extensions are the most popular method and the largest range. The nano method of hair extensions is the fastest method of applying the ring. A nano ring is the smallest ring, installing this type entails taking small, separated strands of the customers hair and securing a Nano ring on each strand, that’s after a Nano-tip hair extension has been threaded through the Nano ring. Nano extension can apply in seconds.

Nano hair extensions are the perfect solution because you will get real & high-quality hair without damage to your hairs, these extensions use aluminum wire called nano ring, lined with silicone and finished with matching hair colors to grip the hair extensions in place, there is no glue, heat or braiding.

Normally a pre bonded extension is 1 gram and nano mean tiny so they vary from 0.5-0.6 grams. At Mirrors beauty Lounge salon Dubai as per client requirements we can do nano keratin extensions. The application similar to pre bonded keratin extensions. There is only one difference is the size of the bond and the weight of each piece.

Nano tip hair extensions are available in 2 forms – metal or acrylic. Nano rings are 90% smaller than the standard micro rings, which makes the bonds practically invisible.

Benefits of Nano tip hair extensions

•Nano Rings are very comfortable to wear.

•Best for those clients who have fine hair.

•Nano Tip is very quick and easy to fit

•It is not damaging to the natural hair

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Q. How long do nano ring hair extensions last.?

A. 3 to 4 months without worrying about the bonds being visible.

Q. Can you see nano ring hair extensions.?

A.If you have thin hair, they will still remain virtually invisible. Nano Ring Extensions perfect match for thin hairs.

Q. What is the difference between micro and nano rings.?

A. The difference is only the size. Nano rings are around 90% smaller in size than micro rings. Micro ring hair extensions should not be noticeable at all in hairs. Both micro rings and nano rings are comfortable to wear.

Q. How often should I wash nano ring hair extensions.?

A. Your extensions hair should be washed 2-3 times per week.

Q. Do nano rings harm my hairs.?

A.Nano ring hair extensions are not damaging to the natural hair because this is the one method where no need heat, glue.

Q. How many nano rings are needed for a full head.?

A.As per the rule of thumb 4 packs for a half head and 8 packs for a full head of hair extensions. however, there are many factors contribute how many packs of hair you need.

Q. Should Nano ring extensions hurt.?

A. Its not hurt but may scalp being sensitive to the new weight of the hair or attachment method or your hair extensions being slightly too tight. In most cases low to mild discomfort is experienced and this is perfectly normal.

Q.Do nano rings fall out.?

A. Due to the size of the nano tip bond, nano rings are naturally more prone to loss than any other method, in nano tip hair extensions losing anywhere from 10-20 hair extensions and 4-6-week maintenance appointment is completely normal.

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