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Hair Straightening in Dubai

Hair straightening is also known as hair rebonding. The first benefit of hair straightening in Dubai is that it gives permanent results. Unlike other treatments, rebonding of hairs can make it permanently straight. Whether your hair is naturally straight with a slight curve, or curly, it is guaranteed that you will have straight and silky hair at the end of the rebonding treatment.


Our stylist at Mirrors Salon offers you a best permanent hair straightening solution in Dubai for frizzy or wavy hair. Need to get rid of frizzy hair, want to fix dry, dull or damaged hair, need assistance on how to manage unruly locks? To fight off the frizz in heat and humidity can be a frustrating hair problem, but don’t stress, we are here! Our team of hair experts can deliver both permanent and semi-permanent hair straightening in Dubai salon for your dry or damaged hair.


Rebonding of hair is a permanent hair straightening treatment that transforms unruly, wavy, or even frizzy hair into desirable, super sleek locks. The process modifies the structure of the hair bonds for a professional and lasting effect. Once the hair has been treated, rebounded and washed by our specialist, the hair is dried and straightened to maintain a beautifully straight look.


It is intended to make lovely smooth and straight hair that will last somewhere in the range of twelve and four months. Wavy or curly hair can look very attractive, but not every person wants to have unmanageable hair. A few people incline toward the idea of having smooth, complex, straight shining hair, on the off chance that you need to take on an everyday conflict to tame, manage your hair with a hair smoothing and straightening treatment perfect for you.


During your hair smoothing consultation, we will evaluate your hair type and condition and talk about the outcomes you can practically accomplish. We can likewise talk you through the procedure and look at which treatment would best suit you.

Benefits of straightening hair treatment/ rebonding hair treatment?


The treatment is long-lasting and will only need retouching every few months, depending on your hair growth. Straightening and rebounding is the best and most efficient way to achieve flawlessly straight hair. Gives lasting results and is a cost-effective option for long term maintenance.


The professional products used on the hair minimize any damage leaving the hair looking sleek and shiny. The treatment leaves hair looking and feeling insatiably sleek and smooth with a natural shine.


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Q. What is Permanent Hair Straightening/rebonding.?

A. Permanent Hair Straightening is a sort of straightening process that develops as opposed to blurs off the hair. It doesn't contain any fixings that are destructive to wellbeing.

Q. How long will it last.?

A. This relies upon how rapidly the hair grows resulting in curls in the newly grown hair lengths that are normally present.Normally there is less curl at the root. Nonetheless, if the hair is wavy the hair will seem to grow back more rapidly shortening the amount of time that the process lasts for. Mostly it just needs re-doing approximately each 6 to 9 months.

Q. How does permanent hair straightening/ rebonding work.?

A. This straightening technique works by breaking the protein bonds in the hair to permit the reshaping of the individual locks. This will help smooth curly hair or completely straighten it. The outcomes are amazing – silky, soft, straight hair can be yours in under 60 minutes.

Q. Why can’t I get my hair wet for 48 hours after the treatment.?

A. The neutralizing part of the treatment requires oxidation in the air which takes 48 hours to fully reform and harden the internal bonds that hold the hair’s shape. It is only started in the salon. If the hair shape is altered by something like tucking the hair behind the ears or tying the hair back in a bobble, it will take on the new shape that has been made. As the internal bonds are affected by moisture it is important to make sure that the hair stays dry otherwise the bonds will return to their original shape and the curl will return.

Q. Can I have my hair straightened if I’ve got color in my hair.?

A. You can, but most beauticians avoid attempting to straighten hair that has been colored stating that it will cause an excess of damage. All chemicals, when applied to the hair, will have an impact upon the hair. However, potential damage can be minimized by using the correct solutions and temperatures. The treatment leaves hair looking sleek and smooth with a natural texture. Come & get the advantage of our hair rebonding deals in Dubai.

Q. Do I need to have a consultation first, how long does it take.?

A. Yes, prior to carrying out a permanent hair straightening service, a consultation should be performed with the hair seen in its natural state. At the consultation, the hair can be assessed and the client will be informed of the normal outcome. The time it will take to complete the service and the expense totally depends on the length, thickness and amount of curls present in the hair.

Q. Which products or brands are used for Hair Rebonding.?

A.Relaxcare Product From Proshape Brand.

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