GK Keratin Treatment


Gk keratin treatment is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of juvexin. Juvexin treatment rejuvenates hair while straightening and strengthening hair for up to 5 months. The first keratin treatment without formaldehyde! This special blend of proteins and peptides has been created to secure and reestablish hair back to its young state and is only used in gk hair keratin treatment products. Juvexin penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits. This improves delicate quality and reduces friction which empowers hair to all the more likely withstand heat, helping to make hair less inclined to breakage and improving the hair's lubricity, giving better manageability. On both wet and dry hair there is less entanglement during brushing, making the hair less prone to breakage.


Benefits of the global keratin treatment include:

• Repairs damage and delivers shine, smooth’s out waves, eliminates frizz

• Incredible results for up to 5 months

• Protects against harmful uv rays, chemical treatments and the rigors of daily shampoo and styling

If your hair is unruly, frizzy or overly curly and you would like to have low maintenance, hassle free hair that is shiny and manageable, a gk keratin hair treatment is just the thing for you!


How it works:

It diminishes the stiffness (elastic modulus) in the hair, this reduction or softening effect causes the hair to lose its natural curl and feel softer. The greater the concentration along with application of juvexin, the softer or straighter the hair will turn into. Juvexin restores your hair to its pristine condition. It refurbishes the same properties found in young, healthy and vibrant hair which are usually lost over time. There is nothing artificial and no harsh chemicals are used. As global keratin hair treatment is one of the most popular keratin treatments available, we do not offer it to all our clients; we carry many different formulas and we always pick the formula upon consultation. When client comes in to our salon we analyze the hair and discuss with the customer about the outcomes needed and afterwards we pick the equation, that way every customer gets the outcomes he/she desires.


Many customers are now looking for a salon that does gk treatment or global keratin hair treatment, we are one of them. Give us a call today and set your appointment for global keratin hair treatment with mirrors beauty lounge salon Dubai.


For price and query or book your consultation directly at mirrors beauty lounges for gk keratin hair treatment.

For bookings contact at Al Muraqabat Call +971 42691449/WhatsApp +971 565373911 or contact at Al Rigga Call +971 42340849/WhatsApp +971 502108344 or contact at IBN Battuta Mall branch Call +971 45766288/WhatsApp +971 543210758 or drop us an email at Info. Our customer care will give you a call within moments to book your service at your desired time.


Q. Does GK keratin treatment reduce the natural volume of the hair.?

A. No, your hair will retain more of its natural volume after the GK Keratin Hair treatment.

Q. Can I get gk keratin treatment if my hair is highlighted/colored.?

A. Yes, the GK keratin hair treatment is perfect for highlighted and colored hair. It will enhance the color as well, making the hair appear however it will not only eliminate the frizz. Making the hair appear healthier overall.

Q. Will my hair be straight after the GK keratin hair treatment.?

A. It always depends on the natural texture of your hair. it will eliminate the frizz and define the natural curl, If the hair is curly and define the natural curl. the treatment most likely will result in your hair to dry slightly straight If the texture is wavy, If your hair is straight already, the treatment will eliminate the frizz and give your hair a shiny look.

Q. Who is the ideal for GK Keratin hair treatment.?

A. GK Keratin treatment is for all types of hair including thick, thin, dry, chemically damaged, straight, wavy and curly. This service will make the hair healthier and smoother, eliminating frizz and creating shine.

Q. How long will the GK keratin hair treatment last.?

A. Normal results last for up to 12 weeks but the results will depend on the individual’s hair type and how often they wash their hair. It is also essential to use the proper product support.

Q. How long do I have to wait for my hair color when deciding to get the GK keratin hair treatment.?

A. It is ideal to get the hair color done and then the treatment. If you do have the GK keratin hair treatment done first and then decide to do color, you will want to wait 2 weeks before having a color service.

Q. What steps can I take to prolong the life of my GK keratin hair treatment.?

A. You should try to wash your hair around 3 times per week if possible. Take the appropriate aftercare product line that your salon or stylist offers.

Q. How long do I need to wait to wash my hair after the GK keratin hair treatment.?

A. There is no waiting period but the three-day waiting period for other types. Consult your stylist for better results.

Q. Am I still a candidate for the GK Keratin hair treatment if I am platinum blonde.?

A. Yes. Your stylist has learned to turn the heat of the flat iron down to 380-400 degrees; Stylist has been trained on how to perform a keratin smoothing treatment depending on the condition of your hair.

Q. Can the GK keratin hair treatment be administered on hair extensions.?

A. Yes. Due to the lack of natural oils from the scalp, this treatment is a great solution to the common issue of hair extensions becoming excessively dry. Ideally, before the extensions are put in the hair it is easiest to perform the treatment. However, it is not a problem, if they are in the hair, Extreme caution must be used in the bond or cylinder area too.

Q. Is the GK keratin hair treatment permanent.?

A. No, the treatment is not permanent. This treatment does not change the inner structure of the hair but creates a protein layer overlay on the cuticle which protects the hair and the condition of the hair is improved.

Q. Can the GK keratin hair treatment be performed on clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.?

A. We recommend as caution not perform the service on pregnant clients. Clients should get their doctor’s approval.

Q. Which products or brands are used for GK Kertain Treatment.?

A.GK Product From GK Brand.

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