QOD Keratin Treatment


QOD Keratin Treatment is a progressive, keratin-based hair treatment commenting in Brazil. In contrast to different methods, straightening with QOD Keratin hair treatment renews the state of the hair without changing or harming its molecular structure. In any event 4-5 months, despite the fact that now and again it can keep going any longer, depending upon hair type. Hold up three or four days in the wake of getting your keratin treatment before washing your hair. Wash your hair any sooner and you'll lose the impact of the treatment, so as tempted as you might be to wash your hair following two days, wait just a little bit longer.


The keratin is as yet pliable, so on the off chance that you put your hair in a ponytail or utilize a hairpin, it can leave marks in the hair. In the event that you need to tie your hair up, hold up until the keratin has been on the hair for at least three days, and afterward utilize a delicate fastener for brief timeframes. Keratin is the most suggestive because unlike straightening, it reestablishes natural protein in your hair which is safe and successful. It doesn't alter the structure of your hair totally.


It very well may be utilized on all hair types. QOD keratin treatment can be used, and is viable, on a wide range of hair – even harmed hair. Straightening with these treatments coats the hair and replenishes its condition without changing or damaging its molecular structure. Depending upon the volume of hair and application process utilized, a QOD Keratin treatment can take somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 hours to finish.


The volume decrease and profound molding created by a QOD treatment will last 4-5 months, in any event. Despite the fact that QOD Keratin formulas don't contain modernly produced raw formaldehyde, we decide not to promote them as "formaldehyde-free." There are no special cases to this, and there are no alternate routes to achieving the remarkable, durable impacts of a Keratin treatment. QOD states that they don't utilize “industrially manufactured raw formaldehyde," all things considered testing has distinguished 2% and 3.52% formaldehyde in QOD items.

Benefits of QOD Keratin Hair Treatment:

1. It protects your hair from future damage caused by heat damage and blow-drying

2. UV Protection for hair, more resilient to breakage and damage

3. It makes your hair easy for combing, smooth and soft

4. No harsh chemicals or any harmful components

5. Natural straightening effect that lasts up to 100 days


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Q. What is QOD Keratin.?

A. QOD is keratin-based hair treatment originating in Brazil that really changes the hair. Keratin, the essential protein of hair, nails, and skin, is a characteristic substance which encourages the hair to return to its unique healthy, shiny, smooth. In contrast to different methods, straightening with QOD Keratin renews the condition of the hair without changing or harming its structure. It very well may be utilized on all hair types

Q. How long will a QOD treatment last.?

A. Depending on hair type, at least 4-5 months, although in some cases it can last much longer.

Q Does QOD Keratin works on hair with extensions.?

A. Yes. As always with extensions, care should be taken when flat-ironing: the seam where extensions are joined to the natural hair should not be flat-ironed.

Q. How long does a QOD Keratin treatment takes time, and what does all it involves.?

A. The treatment can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete, depending on the volume of hair. firstly, the hair cuticle must be prepared, using an appropriate pre-treatment shampoo such as QOD Cleanse to strip away impurities After applying the treatment itself, the hair is blown dry and infused with a degree of 450 flat iron - trapping the moisture, hydrating the hair and creating a smooth, glossy finish look

Q. How often can a QOD Keratin treatment be performed on the hair.?

A. It’s just a conditioning treatment, as often as you like. Lots of clients requested the service after a hair coloring.

Q. Can the hair be washed after a QOD Keratin treatment.?

A. Clients should avoid washing or binding their hair for about 2 days after the treatment. This helps to prolong the effects of the product which was used and avoid any unwanted bends or kinks

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