Nashi Argan

Nashi Argan

Established in 1966, Nashi has been made to meet all ladies needs with simplicity and effectiveness providing for each kind of hair the ideal excellence.

Based of Bio Certified Argan Oil, known for its high productivity since numerous years, the Nashi product offer solutions to all hair types by accomplishing the most ideal outcomes.

All Nashi Argan products contain certified natural Argan Oil and certified natural Linseed Oil and they don’t contain any Sulphates, Phosphates, Parabens and Sodium Chloride. This information is mentioned on each pack of the product for the transparency of information. The company complies with a rigid process of selection and use of raw materials, giving preference to the best performances of the product which shall meet the needs of a professional market. In this manner, equations use natural raw materials, in full compliance with the most recent and safest components of the chemical industry.

Nashi Argan is an Italian brand with a broad scope of Haircare and Skincare items. We at Mirrors Beauty Lounge we use best products that can offer moderately enduring outcomes.

Nashi Argan treatment restores your dry, dull and damaged hairs and help you with the benefit from its amazing ingredients and lovely, sweet fragrance that will leave you mesmerized when you’re getting the treatment!

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Q. What is Nashi hair treatment.?

A. Nashi argan is the complete hair treatment available in the salon and that takes care of damaged hair, revitalizing its fibersresults strong and shiny hairs that never before.

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