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Do you suffer from curly hair that’s dry, damaged, or uncontrollable? Do you find yourself not knowing how to self-care for your curls and so straighten it until it’s damaged beyond repair? Pull up a chair and read on. Our curly hair salon at Dubai experience is all about the curl; whether you have kinks, waves, curls or coils. Our cut and curls technique cuts each individual curl in its dry state showing the curl’s true resting length and allows us to give your hair the attention and love it deserves, leaving your curls looking gorgeous.


When it comes to getting a hair perming treatment for long hair, however, there are limits to just how valid the perm can be past a certain length, as the weight of the hair starts to counter the shape of the curls. Depending on the size of the perm rods and application technique, a perm can create more volume at the roots or create curls all through your hair. Generally, the larger the perm rods are, the larger the waves will be. Huge wave also tend to lose their shape. Other perm rod choices are spiral rods for corkscrew curls, or tapered rods in the hair for permanent curls that are perhaps natural-looking.

Maintain your curly hair or perming hair

Well you’ve done the most important bit; finding a hair stylist experienced with curly hair in Dubai! Not all hair stylists were created equal, so if you’re searching for a stylist skilled in cutting curly hair make sure that you trust that they understand perming hair first. Unplanned haircuts can be disastrous for curly hair! Remember, it takes a talented beautician to effectively trim layers or different hair styles in wavy hair.

Keep the waves in your curly hair

Does your curly hair often go flat and frizzy after a few hours? Curly hair always looks gorgeous but after a couple of hours your curls may begin to drop and may even become frizzy. The solution? Mirrors beauty lounge.

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Q. Does getting a perm or curl hurt your hair.?

A. A perm isn’t as detrimental to your hair health as bleaching. But the process may weaken and dry strands, if you already have damaged hair, you may be more prone to a brittle feel or even breakage.

Q. Does your hair type or texture matters.?

A. Perms will work on most hair types and textures. Those with slightly wavy hair, thicker may find the process easier. Thin and stick-straight hair will often need specialist help.

Q. Does your hair length matter.?

A. The more hair you have, the more difficult a perm can be. Application of both chemicals and rods is needed to create a uniform look if you have long hair layers can also be tricky to deal with.

Q. Can you get a perm if you have dyed hair.?

A. You can, but be aware that a perm can lighten hair color. Perming fully dyed hair is better than perming highlighted hair, which could go frizzy pretty quickly.

Q. Can you dye your hair after you get a perm or curl.?

A. You should wait for a month before doing anything to your hair. You can dye permed hair but, as with everything else, ask your hairstylist before committing to anything.

Q. Can you use heat tools after you get a perm.?

A. If you’re set on using any kind of heat styling, protect your perm first. It can be damaged.

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