Eyebrow color correction

Eyebrow color correction

Color Correction is to adjust or neutralize colors. The color intensity can be light, medium, dark can be adjusted.

If the shape is attractive however the shading has blurred into a green, blue, purple or red, orange shade we utilize a technique that covers the old color. Corrective color is tattooed over the blurred permanent makeup to look it normal. A corrective tattoo color acts as a primer and then in the same session, we give you beautiful and lovely new natural eyebrows. The improvement is instant! At Pigment this is unlikely going to happen again as we use pigments vs. ink. Pigments will hold the integrity of the true color. Color does not cover color you must first put a primer otherwise you will not get the natural color.

Black brows that need to be corrected to brown, gray brows that need to be corrected to a mid-range, warm brown, blondes that have dark brows that need to be made lighter and warmer, purple brows and even several shades of pink and coral are common. Although eyebrow color correction may seem overwhelming, it is broken down into 3 categories to correct: warm, cool or purple.

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Q. What is eyebrow correction.?

A. Eyebrow color correction is the procedure where artist correct problems related to eyebrows i.e. color, shape, or appearance. Eyebrow correction is often used for thin eyebrows.

Q. How do I know what style of brow tattooing will suit me.?

A. It depend on your existing eyebrow hair, shape, age, skin type, lifestyle and as well as present health conditions.

Q. Are you a suitable candidate for eyebrow tattooing.?

A. If you feel your eyebrows are not symmetrical, not fuller and you are sick of penciling them in, this could be the treatment for you. These medical conditions would stop you from eyebrow tattooing: •Diabetes – due to problems with healing •Hypertension – blood thinning tablets causes excess bleeding •Glaucoma – medical certificate with your GP’s approval will be required •Roaccutane – in the last 6 to12 months as may result in poor healing •Recent laser or any cosmetic treatment (we advise after 4 weeks so skin can recover) •Pregnancy and breastfeeding •Psoriasis, rashes, abnormal skin textures, moles or irritation •Chemotherapy patients •Sun burnt skin

Q. Is eyebrow tattooing painful.?

A. The first few minutes are little uncomfortable as eyebrow tattooist outlines the shape. When performing eyebrow tattooing, A numbing cream is applied to brows before 20 to 30 minutes. The area goes almost completely numb, and the rest of the procedure will be more comfortable.

Q. What to expect at eyebrow tattooing consultation appointment.?

A. During consultation we determine the best shape, color which suit your natural features and to check how eyebrow tattooing will look prior to treatment we measured and draw eyebrow design with a pencil over your natural brows. At consultation you and eyebrow artist will determine which method and best shape to help you achieve your ultimate goals.

Q. Aftercare for eyebrow or tattooing.?

A. Aftercare is important for best results no make-up, cleansers, serums or moisturizers apply to eyebrows until your tattoo area has healed, which is approximately 2 weeks after treatment. Swimming, spas and saunas are strictly restricted. The area of tattooing needs to be kept dry as possible for 1 week. You will be provided with an aftercare cream and you have to apply this prior to showering. If your brows become itchy, apply a small amount of aftercare cream.

Q. How much does eyebrow color correction cost.?

A. Eyebrow color correction costs depending on the location where you live. Please contact us to know more about eyebrow color correction.

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