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Most of the people have thin or no proper shape to lips & lip lines or loss of natural color. Semi-permanent lip tint treatment improves the natural shape of your lips, giving them a perfect color. It can help to give your lips a fuller and greater look. 

At Mirrors salon Dubai we provide permanent lip tattoo service. Lips with permanent makeup your face look new, youthful, defined, and symmetrical. Give you a more beautiful color by reducing a dull pigmentation. It's an option in contrast to fillers or any medical procedure. It would be ideal that the color will get 60% lighter during the healing time frame. your lips, delivering very natural results once healed. Lip tattoo last 3-5 years

A lip tattoos is also called as Lip Permanent/Lip blush/ lip tint. A lip tattoo is a professional procedure which comes in the form of tattoo art in your lip area and permanent makeup that involves inserting color pigments into your lips with small tattooing needles. Lips Permanent Makeup treatment allows to enhance the beauty of natural lips color, improving the shape of the lips. It helps to de-emphasize age lines around lips. The lip blush treatment delivers very natural look and gives the illusion of fuller lips. Lips filled with close to natural lip color gives a fresh look.


 It is important to know all the facts about these trendy tattoos to see if they are worth it for you.


• Lip Tattoos/Lip Permanent/ Lip blush/ lip tint can be done on either the inside or outside of your lips. Permanent makeup may also be tattooed on your lips.
• Choosing a reputable tattoo artist can help reduce the risk of Infections that are more common with this type of tattoo, since its hard to keep them clean.
• The mouth is a very sensitive area so making tattoos around the lips is painful.
• You may need a touch-up every few months. Lip tattoos fade quicker, while most tattoos last for years.


For bookings contact at Al Muraqabat Call 042691449 / WhatsApp 565373911 or contact at Al rigga road branch Call 042340849 / WhatsApp 502108344 or drop us an email at Info. Our customer care will give you a call within moments to book your service at your desired time.

Q. What is lip blushing/lip permanent/lip tint/ lip tattoos.?

A. lip blushing/lip permanent/lip tint/ lip tattoo is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that enhances the lips natural tint and shape, giving them a glossy touch. It gives the illusion that they're fuller, but in a very natural way.

Q. How long does a lip tattoo last.?

A. Tattoo ink eventually fades. The same in the case around, or inside the lip area where tattoo has done. Tattoos inside the mouth fade quickly because they’re always in contact with saliva, food, and drinks. Our tattoo artist will suggest you for specific design or color recommendations that will last a little longer. 2 to 3 years, depending on how aftercare instructions do you follow and how many touch up sessions you have.

Q. Will you need touch-ups.?

A. Due to the fading, you should get a touch-up every few months. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need the entire thing done again, though. Depending on how much tattoo has faded, you may only need touch-ups for certain colors. You can get your lips touched up with different color if you want. This is especially common with permanent makeup.

Q. How is it possible to get a tattoo removed.?

A. our specialist knows how to remove tattoo safely without side effects

Q. How much does lip blush tattooing cost.?

A. Lip blushing costs depending on where you live and depending on which service you want means only touch up and maintenance or full lip blush. contact us to know more about lip blushing.

A. Q. Do lip blush tattoos hurt.?

A. Yes, they do hurt. However, most permanent makeup salons use many creams and anesthetic cream at an extra cost.

Q. How long does lip blushing take.?

A. A lip tattoo session takes about 2 hours.

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