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Microshading is the latest trend in eyebrow semi-permanent makeup, which is constantly evolving in technique. The eyebrow shading method is similar to a traditional tattoo, which uses an application of tiny dots of pigment that is inserted into the skin. This technique can be tweaked for any individual who needs the fluffiness of the dimension of Shading. Once healed, it creates a natural, yet defined brow.


If you have sensitive skin, you might be hesitant to pull the trigger do Microshading, which is often referred to as the shadow effect that gives the brow a gradient appearance. It is the ideal treatment in salon for customers who are looking for brow’s makeup. Also good for oily skin types that cannot hold microblading strokes. The result may last between 3-5 years.


Microshading PRE - CARE

• Avoid botox, laser, or chemical peels before 90 days

• Must not be on any antibiotic medication before 2 Months

• Avoid tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, and coloring your brows before 2 Weeks

• Avoid all blood thinners; Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Caffeine (including tea), Smoking, Alcohol, Soda, vitamin, E, fish oil, etc. 72 Hours before.


Microshading AFTER - CARE

• Must keep brows dry and Avoid sweating for 7 days

• Do not scrub or pick treated brows

• Do not expose the brow area to direct sunlight or tanning beds

• Avoid exposing your brows to excessive moisture or humidity, such as facials, swimming, saunas, steam rooms.


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For bookings contact at Al Muraqqabat Call 042691449 / WhatsApp 565373911 or contact at Al rigga road branch Call 042340849 / WhatsApp 502108344 or drop us an email at Info. Our customer care will give you a call within moments to book your service at your desired time.


Q. Why powder brows or microshading.?

A. Microshading or powder brows add more definition to the brows. Customer wanting a more filled in effect typically chooses one of these techniques. Oily skinned clients don’t retain the pigment as long with the microblading technique vs the powder brow technique.

Q. What is an ombre powder brow and microshading.?

A. Ombre powder brows are done with the rotary machine by creating a very full look at the end and as we reach the head we fade the pigment lighter until it fades out into the skin, creating an ombre effect. Microshading is the same technique as powder brow only we pair it with microblading strokes, typically in the head of the brow. This is the most requested technique.

Q. How long does it last.?

A. 3-5 years but vary on each customer. Touch ups are recommended around 12-18 months to keep the brow shape and color looking fresh.

Q. How long does it take to heal.?

A.Typically healing will take between 1-2 weeks.

Q. Is it painful.?

A. A few customers face inconvenience related with permanent makeup procedures but beautician use anesthetic cream to numb the area. Most clients describe the pain level as none to mild, depending on their personal pain threshold.

Q. How does the Microshading or eyebrow shading cost.?

A. Microshading or eyebrow shading costs depending on location where you live and depending on the service means only touch up and maintenance. Please contact us to know more about Microshading.

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