Moroccan Bath

Moroccan Bath In Dubai

What could a lady need following a long and tiring seven day stretch of work assignments and home errands? The most unwinding and agreeable path for ladies to spoil themselves following a thorough week is a moroccan steam bath followed by a loosening up rub.


The moroccan baths referred to in Arabic essentially as hammam is a custom spread over the Middle East. Moroccan shower fills different needs. The best moroccan baths are done to clean, brighten and mollify the skin, it additionally assists with unwinding and helps blood flow, the veins, and joints in the body. It likewise discharges all the torment from the body and the pressure of the entire working week. By dealing with our skin on a more profound level through moroccan bath and body scrub, we can lessen the destructive toxins from our body.


Moroccan hammams are part of many moroccans daily life similar to a turkish bath, a public hammam is a steam room where people go to clean themselves. This is usually a weekly ritual and is considered a social activity in villages and towns, women, and children all participating. Baths are separated by gender and many people will spend hours here chatting with friends. Moroccan Bath Dubai is more than just a bathing place, it is meant for cleansing the body and soul as per traditional rituals.


At Mirrors, moroccan hammam Spa is an awesome Arabic-Moroccan sanctuary with the best spa linens and equipment. At Mirrors has a fully equipped Bath and steam rooms, relaxing ambiance massage rooms.


The moroccan hammam is a large room where two can be situated. The room is constantly moist and wet regardless of whether the funnels are not on, it's somewhat dim inside to cause you to feel increasingly loose and tired.


Mirrors Beauty Lounge salon Dubai Deira does best Moroccan baths for women only. Many customers comes for moroccan hammam spa especially on the weekends because they want to feel relaxed, refreshed and energetic for the new week.


Firstly, customers have to wear some sort of bikinis as they can go into the moroccan bath naked. Then the steam pipe is on and when the bath is full of steam, the customer stays inside for around 10 to 15 minutes. Next, the customer is seated on bench waiting for the body pores to open. The soap starts to work cleans & softens the body skin.


Having completed with the shower the next step, which clients like, is a relaxing massage. It gives client a real different feeling and sensation. A few clients go just for the moroccan bath, while others take the whole package of the bath with the massage. The massage is done after 20 minutes from the bath to give successful outcomes. The moroccan bath takes 45 minutes and the moroccan massage around takes an additional 1 hour.


Moroccan bath benefits are revitalize your mind, body, and soul with a luxurious moroccan Bath. Your skin regulates fluid balance & body temperature remove toxins and allows absorption of moisture and nutrients.


Turkish Hammam Dubai

A turkish hammam or a bath is a thousand-year-old traditional where client relax, detox and come out refreshed. Read below about what happens when you come to a Turkish Hammam Dubai.


The client needs to change into a pair of shorts or swimming suit which will be worn for the duration of the entire visit. Nakedness is frowned upon. They take a quick shower and then sauna for 10-15 minutes.


The attendant will invite them to the hammam room where the guests rest on a warm tiled bed while their bodies get washed and scrubbed with an exfoliating silkworm mitt from the mountains of Turkey. At that point, the orderly will wash the visitors with a rich foam produced using olive oil and nectar cleanser utilizing a silkworm pillowcase. This helps replenish the freshly exfoliated skin.


After a few minutes of rest in the lounge area, the guest enters the massage room. The turkish massage is different because it not only focuses on the tired muscles but it also relaxes the nervous system and helps the body detox. When the massage is over, the guest returns to the lounge room after that, they are ready to go for other beauty treatments or return home, feeling refreshed.


Benefits of a Turkish Hammam Treatment

1. Improves blood circulation

2. Better digestion

3. Releases Toxins

4. Relieves muscle pain

5. Alleviates stress


The treatment is safe and even recommended for certain health conditions like skin conditions or respiratory problems. Please let your specialist know if you have any health conditions.

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